16mm 8mm Film & Video Transferred to Virtual-Reality™

8mm 16mm Movie FILM and

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Bruce Mayfield MBA,BSCS
Virtual Video Preservationist
Computer Scientist

The Virtual Video Preservationist is a cross between a Computer Scientist, Video Data and File Analyst, and Video Producer.

We are "The Pros" behind clients with affiliation with NBC, Fox, PBS, and other independent productions.

Our staff works with private clients -- who include movie film investors, film preservationist, church and business historians, sports historians, clubs, declassified military film archivist,...

And we love working with regular folks, just like you!

Our Virtual Video™ Preservation Standards exceed recommendations of the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) and the Library of Congress.

You may have already seen our work on PBS, History Channel, etc.; and in independent documentary videos.

For example:

We treat Legacy Family Videos (tapes and discs) and Antique Movie Film Preservation as "equally important" -- as our "Commercial Film and Video Preservation" contracts.


Your family history is part of American History! It is very important to preserve your families social and spiritual roots -- say nothing of "The Times of your Life"!

We have developed both 1) the technology and 2) an archive strategy to make sure your family legacy will last -- the next thousand years -- Virtually For EVER!™

What Clients Send Us:

Antique Movie Films:
8mm, Super 8, Super 8 Sound, 16mm and 16mm Sound

Analogue Video Tape:
VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Sony Video8, Sony Hi8

Digital Video Tape:
Sony Digital 8 (D8), MiniDV

Optical Discs:
DVD and Blu-ray

SSD Video Camera Formats:
AVCHD, .MTS, .M2TS, etc.

Post-Production Files
ProRes, .AVI, .MOV -- you name it!

Our Services Are Different:

Einstein, Virtually a Staff Member

In Layman's Terms:

"VIDEO VIRTUALIZATION"™ is VERY NEW -- VERY GOOD -- and VERY DIFFERENT -- from traditional film transfer and video conversion services.

  1. We "Re-Master"™ digital video from old legacy mediums -- like movie film, video tape, and optical discs.

  2. We Re-Master ALL Video as "Progressive Scan Video -- for HD TV, 2K and 4K UHD TV displays.

  3. We "Re-Colorize" video from movie film -- customized clip-by-clip -- "better than the original" movie film sent to us.

  4. We "Color Repair and Black & White Enhance" video tapes and optical discs "better than the source video" sent to us.

  5. We Virtualize ALL Video Files -- so they are VERY EASY FOR YOU TO DUPLICATE AND SHARE.

  6. You get Virtual Master-Files -- before and after color enhancements; Virtual DVD Disc-IMAGES; H.264 / MP4 for Smart Phone and YouTube; and,

  7. You get A Virtual Cloning™ Hard Drive(s)™, Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive(s); and,

  8. If you order them, physical DVDs and Blu-rays.

  9. Virtual File Diversity:

    For example, a "Virtual DVD Disc Image file can be used to make MORE physical DVD; however, it can also be used to make DVD Flash Drives, DVD Cloud Drives, DVD Hard Drives, etc.

    Our Home Movies-N-a-Flash Drive is our commercial version of this idea -- storing up to 7 full DVDs on every 32 GB of Flash storage. It is in practice, a tiny Virtual DVD Disc-IMAGE cloning station.


    Your complete video library is on a "Virtual Drive -- within a Physical Drive". You can drag-N-drop the entire drive -- as a virtual drive -- onto another like or unlike drive -- or empty directory -- now or in the FUTURE -- and retain ALL "Virtual Properties" of YOUR "Original Virtual Video Library"™.

  11. "On-Board Tutorials" - on your Hard Drives and Flash Drives - empower YOU -- to "clone" ALL the virtual video and physical video products we send to you.

  12. All for about the cost of a traditional "movie film transfer" or "video tape / disc conversion" -- to DVD.


Our Post-production Processes Include:

Movie Film Virtualization:

Video Virtualization -- Including Video from Movie Film

Video Products:


Bottom Line: What this means to you:

Our virtual video will be BETTER THAN YOUR ORIGINAL
film or video tape or optical discs -- that you send us --

Business Model:

Both Commercial Clients and Domestic Clients, "Pay as You Approve Your Video" -- in your own studio or home -- in affordable production cycles. More later.

Film Virtualization™ (Also called Virtual Film Transfer™)

"Film Virtualization™" is the "newest evolution" beyond old fashioned "Telecine Film Transfer". We call it a Virtual Film Transfer™.

Film Virtualization™" is a process where images are "freed from" (not "captured to") any one medium.

"Physical Film" becomes "Virtual Film"™ -- without the limitations of any one medium.

The life of the Virtual Video™ image is no longer tied to the life span of the physical medium.

A "Virtual Film Transfer" -- called HomeFlix™ (our domestic brand name) and VirtualFlix™ (our commercial brand name) -- does for "home movies", what Netflix, Apple TV, and PlayStation Vue is doing for the commercial movies and commercial video programming.

This is a giant step beyond a "video capture" or just a "video file" on a hard drive. Our "Virtual Diversity"™ of "Virtual DVD Disc-IMAGES"™ -- is truly revolutionary -- and will extend "Virtual DVD" technology for decades.

True Virtualization of a video file (i.e., Virtual Video™ file) means the video file itself is layered inside a "digital container" -- like a virtual disc -- which insolates the video images from the decline of physical media, physical playback devices, or proprietary software -- or being tied to physical hardware or a computer.

Our products are PC Windows and Mac OS X compatible.

Virtualization makes your video "UniVirtually Compatible"™ -- with all the above -- and any technology that will ever be developed in the future!

NOTE: UniVirtual™ means "Universally Compatible with Virtual Video Players" -- like VLC, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, NLE Software, etc. with exception for proprietary exclusions.

But all this is just the beginning.

We take Virtualization a step beyond. We layer your entire "video library" in a transparent "virtual drive" -- again another "first". This makes the entire "virtual drive" -- with all your "Virtual Video" -- transportable and portable -- to any other storage device or any other storage medium -- now -- or in the future.

This is a big deal -- as big as "the cloud".

Your Bottom Line: "We are Affordable".

You'll be surprised -- at how little "THE VERY BEST -- MONEY CAN BUY" -- will cost you!

Your family deserves "the best"; and you deserve our "best price".

After you see our price quote, you will have a "frame of reference" -- for the difference between -- going "First Class" and "getting what you pay for" -- as opposed to -- "paying for, what you get" -- to go "Second Class"!

Beware: That's not a slick sales quip! Read about The Politics of the Film and Video Preservation Industry -- below. You will see, I am dead serious.

Check out our Bundled Offer for Movie Film and then Contact Us.

Our bundled offer for LEGACY VIDEO TAPE SERVICES -- is included in the quote I will send you at Contact Us.

Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive Product Line:

A "virtual-drive" -- "hosted" on a Flash Drive (for mobility and fun). You can make these yourself, with help from our tutorial, all day long -- for everyone you know. We make you one, to use as a "master".

Home Movies-For-EVER™ Drive Product Line:

FOR the PRESERVATION of 8mm 16mm Film and Video Tape "Virtual Transfers™"

Our Home Movies-For-EVER™ Drives are different from "traditional drives" because they are actually...

Virtual-Products "layered" inside of Virtual Containers which in turn are in a transparent Virtual Drive environment. That's three layers of Virtual Preservation™.


This is called, "Future UniVirtually Compatibly"™

Customized Virtualization:

Watch your "Virtual" Standard 8mm, Super 8 Film, 16mm Film Home Movies on

and many more video products -- customized to YOUR FAMILY needs!

The Politics of DVD Discs:

The Bad News:

Everyone in the "Video Preservation Industry" knows that archiving video to recordable DVDs was banned -- at the Federal level -- by The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) October, 2007 -- and that "ban" is still in effect. This ban includes The Library of Congress.

You may download the actual PDF file as a Zip file by clicking the link below:


The reason for this ruling was DVD recorders were not, and still are not, standardized. Because DVD recorder manufactures "doing their own thing", most DVD recorders leave most "recordable" DVD disc -- and these can be very expensive discs -- "almost dead" -- before they even finish recording.

This is tragic, because the life of a DVD disc -- that could have lasted 45 years, on the shelf -- was reduced to 1 to 5 years -- due to "recording errors". Because the DVD disc continues to "age" -- once it is "recorded" - "aging errors" put the DVD disc "over the brink of failure".

UPDATE: NARA has recently revised the expectant life of a recordable DVD disc DOWN -- to one (1) year. Please tell your friends and family -- and use the download above for your proof of what I say.

Bottom Line: A medium with an unpredictable life span of 1 to 5 years, does NOT qualify as "archive worthy" -- according to NARA; and I have agreed - with IBM -- on this issue for many years!

Technology Shift Away From DVD Discs: Remember the CD Music Industry?

Everyone in the Video Preservation Industry also knows that market demand for ALL optical discs is evaporating. To archive to DVD is a "fools errand".

Even new disc technology, like M-disc, can not change the technology shift from optical disc -- of all kinds -- toward solid state technologies -- like SSD, flash drives, "cloud drives, and even smart phones.

Bottom Line: Because the DVD Industry is going the way of CD Industry, NARA guidelines for archiving to DVD discs stand.

The Greed Factor: Despite all the above, the Video Preservation Industry FOR CONSUMERS, including "big box" stores and pharmacies, have ignored 2007 NARA Guidelines and they continue to "archive" family video footage -- to DVD -- to this very moment.

Millions of people are now deceived into relying on DVD discs -- to protect their priceless home movies and photos images -- which were "ripped" to DVD -- not rendered to master-files. Now those DVDs are destined to fail, according to NARA, after 1 to 5 years.

The Majority of "Consumer Archive Services" are for poor single mothers and minorities -- and innocent but ignorant folks -- who "don't know to ask" -- and were never given "fair warning" -- about NARA 2007 Guidelines and Warnings -- for archiving -- THEIR FAMILY'S IMAGES -- to DVD discs.

A Double Standard: Any studio performing "legitimate archive services" for "The Rich" or for "Corporations" -- like Fox, PBS, NBC, etc., -- knows they will be sued for damages -- and gross negligence -- if "Commercial Archive Services" for Commercial Clients -- produce ONLY a DVD -- with no "video master files".

I am a Pro, I should know! Having performed "Commercial Archive Services" -- for clients affiliated with the companies above, what I am telling you, is not hearsay nor conjecture.

Bottom line:

"First Class" Commercial Video Preservation

"Second Class" Consumer Video Preservation

Bottom line: The difference between a "First Class" and a "Second Class" video archive service -- is a life and death difference for your video -- and very important for you to understand.

Almost all websites you may go to and all websites you have been on -- up to now -- are part of this Dual Class -- Second Class -- Film and Video Preservation Industry. They obstruct NARA Archive Guidelines and Standards.

This industry is effectively wiping out the "video history" of the "poor" and "minorities" -- and "the ignorant" -- who buy "Consumer Archive Services from "big box" stores and pharmacies.

The Good News: You are no longer "ignorant".

Better yet, you are on the only website that will tell you this truth -- AND A LOT MORE TRUTHS -- that you will be glad you know!

I hope you will share this information with your friends and family.

So, What about DVDs?

I LOVE DVD discs -- and you should, too -- for the right reasons!

Once you understand a "physical DVD disc" is --
"for fun" -- and "NOT for "archiving -- either video or data --
the use of DVD discs becomes "a big game"!

When you "scratch it up", "lose it at friends", "leave it on a hot dashboard", "loan it to a relative -- forever!" -- or "it just goes bad" -- you can just burn a new one" -- from you own Virtual DVD Disc-IMAGE!

The great thing about Virtual Video -- and Virtual DVDs -- is the Virtual Diversity in new products -- IN ADDTION TO OLD PHYSICAL DVD DISC!

Not only do We make

We make..


We empower YOU - and YOUR FAMILY -- to make all these DVDs, too -- using our on-board tutorial.

Did I mention we make Blu-ray for HD TV, 2K, and 4K for UHD TV
And we have "Virtually Diversified" Blu-rays, too!

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