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Welcome to Everything New From:

Video " Capture " -- is Really, Sooo Last Century!

Reality Check:

Video " Capture " Relics Of Last Century

Both these technologies create video, inferior to the original images!
Both these technologies " impression " video -- onto physical media!
Both these technologies create " interlaced " video!

Most unbelievable of all"

YOU now have a choice!

Virtual™ Video -- " Liberated " Video

Virtual Video is NOT the digital video of your grand fathered PC--- like the old Windows AVI files.

Virtual Video is the Video of

We all love our DVDs, but we all love Netflix -- and now YouTube -- even more!

Why Virtual Video IS Important to YOU

Digital Video which can be " freely " moved around and reproduced

Any video that is " captured " on a DVD -- makes YOU a " prisoner " of which ever room(s) in your home -- or business -- is hooked up to a DVD player.

Still clutching your DVD player and DVD discs? You don't need to.

We make thousands of physical DVD discs each year for clients.

You are not losing your DVDs, you are gaining freedom -- for both yourself -- and your video.

And we will

  1. Make you as many DVDs as you need and
  2. Empower you to make, yourself, as many DVDs as you will EVER want!

EnterNetFlix™ Viewer

* EnterNetFlix™ Viewer
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You Can Have It ALL!

What YOU Don't Know -- " Captures' YOU and YOUR Video

People don't know

  1. they do NOT have to get stuck -- with " Soo, Last Century " video products; and,
  2. they do NOT have to use -- " SOO, LAST CENTURY " video "capture" services.

You CAN have modern -- Virtual video products -- from you

Special Bundled Offer -- Movie Film Only

Request a Price Quote -- Video OR Movie Film

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What Makes Us Video Experts

* World Class Film and Video ReMastering™

* What You Will Learn On This Website

* What We Do For You

What We Do For You:

We Digitally ReMaster ™ 3 Types of Moving Images

  1. Video Images -- NEVER on MOVIE FILM
  2. Video Images -- ONCE on MOVIE FILM
  3. Movie Film Images -- STILL on MOVIE FILM

We offer 3 types of services to make these 3 types of moving images look better than your original --
Or your money back!

How can we prove our work is better?

We create BEFORE and AFTER video images -- for you to decide -- for you to see -- the difference we make -- between

  1. what your send us and
  2. what we send you.

We call this call our 20/20™ Service-- which we explain below.

YesVideo, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Costco and " like " services do not offer BEFORE™ and AFTER™ images - -and a money back guarantee.

Obviously these companies are not in our class, however, many of our clients send us DVD discs from these companies -- to ReMaster™ and Virtualize™ their video -- with our 20/20 Service.

At first we were sceptical about accepting inferior video, because video from these companies is ( how can I say this politely) -- a challenging. However, I had to admit that our own BEFORE and AFTER video was a real shocker! Once we saw the dramatic difference we could make in low grade digital video -- and how much people seemed to appreciate the difference -- we were convinced to accept the low grade video from these companies.

Clients learn that the National Archives(NARA) banned the use of DVD discs for archive purposes -- starting in October, 2007 -- to this very day ; and NARA advises the public to do the same. Clients who want to save their video from their DVD discs-- before the disc goes bad -- want

Video Images -- ONCE on Movie Film:

We are world class in ReMastering™ movie film images -- NOW on video -- which has come from other studios for -- making " their video " better.

We start with your old video tapes and DVD discs -- with " captured " images -- ONCE on movie film.


We ReMaster™ and Virtualize™ your video -- better than your old videos -- or your money back.

ReCreate True to Life Motion

-- by another studio; and we ReMaster " their video " r. In cases -- working with digital tapes and discs -- we can make the video better than the original movie film itself.

Video Images -- NEVER on Movie Film

We routinely " salvage " video -- on DVD disc -- made by these companies; and we make their video better. We prove it is better -- with BEFORE and AFTER video -- which is proof of our better quality -- or your money back!

Movie Film and Video FROM Movie Film:

We restore the motion and color distorted images -- caused by Telecine Scanners -- when movie film was " captured " to video -- using out dated " film transfer " technology of last century.

Relative to ALL Video and Movie Film Images:

We use DAI™ and Video Virtualization™ Technology
To ReMastered Virtual Video Images that are

Or Your Money Back!

We salvage and improve video from services " like "
YesVideo, Wal-Mart, Costco, and Walgreens, etc.

Quality -- You Will See!

We show you BEFORE and AFTER video
as part of our 20/20™ Video Service (more later).

We use Commercial Grade " Full Frame " Video Master Files

Your Old Video is ReEngineered™

Media & Files We Accept:

Movie Film Types:

8mm Movie Films:

  • 8mm Double
  • 8mm Standard
  • Super 8 and
  • Super 8 Sound

16mm Movie Films:

  • 16mm Silent (15 fps) and
  • 16mm Sound (24 fps)

Video Media Types:

8mm Analogue Video Tape:

  • Sony Video8
  • Sony Hi8

VHS Analogue Video Tape (half inch)

  • VHS,
  • VHS-C
  • S-VHS

Digital Video Tape:

  • Sony Digital 8 (D8)
  • MiniDV
  • HDV on MiniDV tape - by prior agreement only

Optical Discs:

  • DVD and
  • Blu-ray
  • M-Disc

Video File Types:

SSD Video Camera Formats:

  • .MTS
  • .M2TS
  • Any File Format -- you name it!

Post-Production Video Files

  • ProRes,
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • Any File Format -- you name it!

Audio Media:

We Work With VHS, VHS-C, and S-VHS, However,

We can not offer a Money Back Warranty for VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS tapes. These last century tapes are considered " video salvage " and ANY images salvaged from these tapes should be considered as " resurrected " from the dead.

Reasons are MOST VHS tapes are copies of other multiple copies or because they were re-recorded in VHS LP (Long Play) mode -- which destroyed the quality of the old analogue images. These tapes are full of snow and streaks and color artifacts.

Another reason is many VHS tape have been " eaten " -- and damaged -- by a VHS tape recorder -- before we ever receive them. This is because most VHS recorders have fallen into disrepair -- with bad " pinch rollers " , broken " rubber belts " , and " worn-out feeder / ejector trays.

The ferric oxide and adhesives on many of these tapes are now breaking down. In some cases the ferric oxide is sluffing off of their polymer backing; and, in other cases the adhesives are bleeding through the ferric oxide, causing the tape to stick to itself -- within the tape winding.

Nonetheless, we have been very successful in restoring most VHS tapes -- " better than the original " .

Sorry, Your Too Late Tape Types:

We no longer offer services for

Post-Production Services

We provide an array of Post-Production Services

Post-Production Products:

From Our ReMastered™ Video Master Files we make

  1. EnterNetFlix™ Video Downloader and Viewer

    An Internet App designed for
    a Secure Netfix, Amazon Prime, YouTube " like " experience
    and downloading video files via the Internet.
    See demo and more information below.

  2. Virtual Video™ Products

    Virtual Disc-IMAGE files for
    DVD, Blu-ray & M-Disc (if disc is ordered)

  3. Virtual Video™ Files for

    Editing & Archiving Video
    YouTube files
    iPhone and Android files
    ANY video file customized to your needs or device.

  4. Physical Video™ Products

    DVD, Blu-ray, M-Disc
    DVD N-a-Flash™ Drive
    iPhone XtraMemory™ Card-N-a-Charger™
    Android XtraMemory™ Card-N-a-Charger™
    Virtual Video Library™ Drive

Products for iPhone and Android

  1. Expansion Storage
  2. Off-line Video Files For
  3. Editing and Playing and Uploading

EnterNetFlix™ Viewer -- Internet Video Distribution Software

Video Archive System & Strategic Video Archive Planning

  1. We Create a physical drive based Video Archive Library™ -- which you can clone
  2. We Preserve Your Video -- as a Virtual™ Archive System
  3. We provide a On-Board™ Tutorial
  4. We Meet and Exceed Archive Recommendations of
  • The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)
  • The Library of Congress

What You DON'T Know about DVD Discs WILL HURT YOU

If you think your video on DVD is permanent, THINK AGAIN!

There is a huge difference between

  1. Commercially Pressed Movie DVD discs -- mass produced by the millions -- and
  2. Recordable DVD discs - used for small quantity videos -- for businesses and individuals.

The first is permanent; the second is very temporary!


In October 2007, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) banned the use of recordable DVD discs -- for archive purposes -- in all Federal agencies. This decision was never reascended -- with good reason.

Download it and read it for yourself -- then send it to people you care about.

National Archives

DVD failure is not the fault of recordable DVD discs. The fault is the DVD Recorder Industry -- was never standardized!

The Final Report of the NIST / Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study revealed that because all DVD RECORDERS are non-standardized, many DVDs burned are on the brink of failure -- before they even stop spinning -- in the DVD RECORDER!

NARA recently placed the data life of some DVD recordings -- at LESS THAN A YEAR!

Much more on this later - and in the Site Map below (See How Pigs Fly and DVD Longevity Soars!) .

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* Digital Remastering Defined

* What is Virtualized Video™?

* What are 20/20™ Video ReMastering Services?

* How Can Video Be Better Than The Original?

* What is Movie Film ReColorization™ ?

Video Preservation & Virtualization
Very Important!

* What is a Video Archive System?

* Bottom Line on Video Preservation

Our Video Products:
(V) = Virtual Products
(P) = Physical Products

* Overview Of All Video Products

* Overview of Physical™ Video Product

* What makes our drives so much better?

Details On Virtual™ Video Products

* Summary of Virtual™ Video Products

* Virtual™ Video Products Specifications

* Virtual Disc-IMAGE™ -- Better than a Physical Disc

Details On Physical™ Video Products

* Why DVD Discs Are NOT Archive Worthy

* M-Disc and EMP and CME Events
EMP = Electromagnetic Pulse or
CME = Coronal Mass Ejection

iPhone & Android Product Specifications

* iPhone & Android Information:

Video Approval and Payment Procedures

* Pay-as-You-Approve Model

Movie Film & VHS Tape Salvage

* Vinegar Syndrome Film and VHS Tapes:

Technology DEATH Shifts: How Ignorance Kills

* Technology DEATH Shifts Destroy Most Video

* Cautions About M-Disc Optical Discs

National Archive Standards And DVD Discs

* Why NARA Is Important To YOU!

* Were YOU Defrauded and Damaged Before?

Modern Archive Methods For YOU

* Archiving: This Century: This Decade

* Virtual Video™ Archive System™

* New Age Video Preservation Strategy

* Summary of Our Virtual Video™ Archive System™

* Virtual Video™ Archive System™ and NARA

* Out-dated Archive Systems:

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