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Policy on Refunds and Returns


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Policy on Refunds and Returns (including Credit Card Purchases)

By sending us your project, you agree to the following policy:

As we ReMaster your video, we upload "confirmation video" -- in roughly 1 hour segments (i.e., Volumes) -- for you to veiw -- on our secure website . These files are designed to be veiwed on a cell phone or tablet or computer -- as a "cell phone sized" image.

You will be able to evaluate graphics, color, resolution and content -- at a hand-held "reading distance".

If you see a problem, then you should let us know by text or by email -- giving us the location -- first from infromation on the timeline -- and then give a short description of the problem.

NOTE: These video segement are not the full resolution of your ReMastered "master file". If veiwing these files on a compluter, you will be able to expand them to the size of your monitor, however, your resolution will suffer -- depending on your internet connection and your monitor. In fact, full screen display may even create artifacts -- on your end of the Internet -- that are NOT in your actual video. So don't panic.

Once you evaluate your video, and/or we resolve any issues, and you will make a payment -- to keep your project moving forward. We have provided several "quick payment" methods -- including the new and improved version of PayPal -- so we can keep your project moving forward at a confortable pace for you and for us.

Assuming all goes well, we can leave your video available on our website -- for you and friends and family -- or clients -- to veiw -- until you receive your physical products.

If You Do Not Like Our Work:

If you do not like our work, and we can not cure the issue, then you are entitled to stop the project and we will refund any money paid in advance on "unapproved" work -- less any return shipping costs. We do NOT offer refund, nor would we pay a refund, on work you have already approved.

What You Need To Know About Your Approval

The "confirmation video" is actually a "proxy-video" for the ReMastered™ Video files. This is because the ReMastered™ Video files are used to make the "proxy-video" -- with the understanding that the ReMastered™ Video are as good -- or better-- than the "proxy-video".

Your written approval and a partial payment is evidence that you have approved the "proxy-video" -- and your approval extends to the ReMastered™ Video files -- and all products made from the ReMastered™ Video files.

Should you have a commercial need for closer examination -- at higher resolution -- we will be happy to work with you on higher resolution video for "confirmation puroposes", however, such a request goes beyond the scope of our initial agreement and there will be additional fees -- to cover our extra time and expense.

For example, if you wand DVD discs for "confirmation purposes", there is extra labor, packaging, and mailing expenses that we will incure -- which are not part of our original production offer. This kind of request will also slow down the project by weeks.

It is best to call me, and I can cover your options.

Examination of ReMastered™ Video master files -- themselves -- will require advanced payment-in-full -- and will require that you wave your right to a full refund. In any event, online video will be offered, regardless -- as an a first step in heading off problems -- before they become problems.












We use Standard Commercial Verificatoin -- and is understood and accepted in commercial video transactions.

Credit Card users agree to "approve proxy-products" in writing -- by e-mail.

Once "approval" or "rejection" of a "proxy-product" occurs, the offer of "refund" is satisfied and expires. No Offer of Refund is made beyond the approval or rejection process.

We still warranty our products beyond the "approval stage" -- for physical defects -- until 30 days after delivery of Master Files -- at which time, we purge our video database of clients project.


Our "service" is that of "making custom digital products". Once the digital products are delivered, they are considered "consumed" -- immediately. This is because -- a client can, and should, make a quick and easy copy of ALL our digital products. Their "copy" be then be duplicated thousands or millions of times. Since we can not resale or reused digital products -- to which we do not own copyrights -- return of consumed products serve no purpose.

Furthermore, sending a hard drive or flash drive or optical disc back to us -- after being copied -- "thus consuming the video on it" -- is like asking for a refund on an empty milk bottle. The "milk" or "video" is the product -- the "bottle" or the "hard drive" are just the containers for the consumed product.

We are a test site for CopyCop™ - Digital Property Theft Protection and Encoding -- cooperating with FBI, IRS, Attorney Generals Office and Merchant Services Investigations.

In the rare case of a refund by agreement, or involuntary refund, in either case we would request a client to request a "chargeback", which places the jurisdiction of the refund within criminal boundaries -- should the client "take" money from us and also "keep" products that belong to us. CopyCop™ is a fool proof way to prove video was in fact "consumed".