Bundled Offer
Movie Film: Super8, Standard 8mm, 16mm

ReMastered™ Virtual Video™

Einstein: Director of Marking

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Virually-For-EVER™ Virtual-Transfer for HDTV & Internet

Special Offer & Discounts

NOTE: This offer applies to Movie Film only -- NOT for Video Tape.

Family Starter Package:

This "bundled offer" is meant to help a family
1) to store and to replicate their entire video library -- Virtually-For-EVER™; and,
2) to create a variety of video products -- for Family FUN --

For Fixed Income or Budget Conscious:
See Option 4 on Your Quote:

Just because you are "on a budget"...

We offer a

What You Receive In This Bundle:

1) A Virtual-Transfer: (Better than any single-pass telecine "film transfer")

We Re-Master AND Virtualize your movie film to "device-free", "media-free" video files

This means THE DIFFERENCE between

Virtualization takes product form as

NOTE: Any company can give you "master files" -- which you can not play and your kids will never be able to use; AND "rip" DVDs that are VHS tape quality. (You know I'm right!)

2) Custom Clip-by-Clip Color Enhancement: Our Color Artist will Color Enhance (not just "color correct") -- your film images -- better than your original film.

3) True-to-Life Motion™, True-to-Live Speed™, True-to-Beloved Voices™

4) Combined Physical/Virtual Video� Products

For preservation and management of ALL your Virtual Video� files

For Virtual-DVD Disc-IMAGES & MP4 Social-Media Files

Physical-Products Your Receive

Virtual-Products You Receive

Other-Products Included

Important Note:

In Archive Science Theory, you MUST have 4 CLONES of the same data -- 2 clones in one location and 2 clone in another location -- to be able to have a "true archive".

Obviously, giving you only ONE hard drive or only ONE "high capacity" Flash Drive (in this bundle) -- IS NOT AN ARCHIVE! If you drop our drive, you can "wipe out" both the "virtual-drive" along with the hard drive "host".

With this "bundle" YOU need to make the other 3 Clones YOURSELF -- to be safe -- which is something we want you to learn to do; however...

If cloning "drives" is NOT YOUR THING, then you need to let us make at least TWO CLONED Virtually-For-EVER DRIVES -- until you can find friends or family to make the other TWO or MORE cloned drives.



ALL THE ABOVE FOR $300 per finished video hour PLUS cost of "customized" storage media and shipping.


The difference Commercial and Domestic Rates is the "production and delivery scheduling".

Domestic Discounts:

20% discount off "Commercial Rates" -- if you agree to take delivery "at our leisure" (see option #4 on your price quote).

Volume Discounts:

The more movie film footage you have, the lower the price of foot of film. Sliding Scale starts for projects over 30 minutes long.

The Early Bird Discount

$50 discount -- if you ship your project to us within 10 business days of receiving your quote
(see Early Bird Discount Option #4 only, on your quote) -- you may request a time extension on this offer -- to get your project organized -- just call us and ask.

Total Discounts keep us competitive with "inferior services" that offer "only DVD discs".



If you have "damaged film" -- "damaged sprocket holes" or "vinegar syndrome" -- which means extra "labor" -- we will advise you and let you approve any extra costs -- above and beyond the "bundled rate"; however, you might be surprised at what we can "work with" -- at very little -- if any -- extra cost.

NOTE: If there is any variance to, or deviation from, this offer -- in your personalized quote -- please let me know -- so we can be faithful to this offer.

NOTE: Our R&D Department is always ahead of our Marketing Department. Until we can update our Price Quoting System, the term "transfer" or "film transfer" will actually mean "Virtual-Transfer".

Thank YOU,


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